Mastering Hard Conversations

with Elisabeth Robinson

Hello! My name is Elisabeth Robinson, and it's a pleasure to meet you virtually—my mission is to guide individuals and corporations in overcoming pre-conversation anxiety and building confidence. Effective communication is a crucial skill that can make a significant difference in both personal and professional life. With my expertise, I aim to help people improve their communication skills and achieve their goals.

After more than 20 years of experience in Human Resources, I have gained valuable insights into the inner workings of successful businesses by working with people from diverse backgrounds.

I like approaching challenges with a positive mindset, viewing them as opportunities for personal development. My past accomplishments drive me to strive for excellence continuously. Despite encountering obstacles, I take great pride in my achievements and am eager to apply my skills and knowledge to make a valuable impact on society.

I want to share my humble story with you, hoping it will inspire you never to give up. My Dad passed away when I was just a newborn, leaving a massive hole in my heart. As a result, I developed insecurities and anxiety about everything. However, I was lucky to have incredible Grandparents who supported my Mom and me and gave us love and hope. I used to be very shy and quiet, but I've worked hard to overcome my fears and express myself more. Life is not always easy, but it is a precious gift. Every challenge and obstacle we face is an opportunity to grow and become more resilient.

I can't wait to meet you, Friend! Sign up for a FREE 20-minute consultation with me at Have a wonderful day!

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Hello there!

I'm Elisabeth Robinson, and I'm here to offer my coaching services to people and corporations who feel anxious when dealing with complex conversations in their personal or professional life. My main goal is to help people build up their confidence and strength to effectively communicate their thoughts and emotions in any situation. Let me help you become the best communicator you can be!

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    What My Clients Say

    "Liz Robinson was so helpful as a mentor for me. I always had a lot of anxiety when voicing my thoughts. Now, I can confidently deal with any problematic situation thanks to my coaching sessions".

    "I was terrified of any confrontational meetings. So, I tended to put off any hard conversations, destroying my relationships.

    I strongly recommend taking action and enrolling in this coaching program. It has changed my life in ways that I will never be able to repay".

    "This has been the best money I spent. I am much more confident. I feel like I can walk in any room and have any kind of conversation. I know exactly what to do when stakes are high because of this incredible program. THANK YOU, ELISABETH ROBINSON!

    My Mission and Vision

    Strengthen People and Corporation to become confident in hard conversations and be the bravest human in the room.